Venture Café Ambassador Program
Give back to our community by joining our amazing team of Ambassadors!

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to connect on a deeper level with the Venture Café community and to be a bigger part of Venture Café. Our Thursday Gatherings would not be possible without the support of our amazing Ambassadors. Join the team and help strengthen the Innovation Ecosystem!

The Ambassador Program has built a great community of people ranging from diverse ages, backgrounds, and industries. They are united by one common feat: their interest in the innovation community. Venture Cafe arranges fun events as a form of appreciation for ambassadors.

Our Thursday Gathering takes place every Thursday between 17:00 - 20:00. During this time, we need help in a number of different areas:

Welcoming Team: Set the first impression for guests at Venture Cafe by assisting with registration to ensure guests are welcomed and greeted properly. You are the first person people meet during a Thursday Gathering and will answer questions that (first time) visitors have regarding the program, spaces, or Venture Cafe. A great opportunity to connect and have a brief chat with the guests and speakers. If you have an outgoing personality and love to know who comes into our community, this is the perfect fit for you!

Bar Team: The bar team assists with the running of the bar during the Thursday Gathering. It is a fun and informal atmosphere where no previous bar experience is required. You will be in the wonderful hands of our Bar Lead who will explain all the necessary details and processes. Keep in mind that primarily we are not a bar but more a space for people to network, make connections, and attend sessions. Thus there is no pressure to serve people as quickly as possible.

Host(ess): During any given Thursday Gathering, we welcome not only guests but a range of speakers to our event. Speakers are an important group of guests that follow a separate procedure when entering Venture Cafe. A host or hostess will welcome them to Venture Cafe, briefly explain the program and bring them to the room in which the session will take place.

Floor Connector: Help further the mission of Venture Cafe by facilitating connections during the Thursday Gathering! Talk to people, engage with the community and point people to relevant sessions or individuals. Help everyone get the most out of their Venture Cafe experience - especially first timers who are unfamiliar with Venture Cafe.

Ambassador Lead (Appointed): If you love an intimate community and know how stimulate individuals in personal growth, ambassador lead might be a great role for you. As our ambassador team is growing we need people that are giving more attention to the ambassadors themselves than all the operational things that need to be done. Help schedule, confirm, and organise events for our wonderful ambassadors!

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