12th Osprey BPSA Group Contact List
12th Osprey is proud to serve East Portland, Oregon and offer traditional, inclusive scouting to all people.

Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) is a scouting organization dedicated to service in the community, developing mindful young citizens, and providing authentic outdoor skills instruction and experiences. More information about our program and organization here: bpsa-us.org

We offer scouting to all families, children, and adults and will do our best to accommodate unique family situations. In BPSA, scouting is for all genders, sexual orientations, income levels, races, religious choices, nationalities, and abilities or disabilities.

We welcome you and your family as you come to us.

Enrollment is open for the 12th Osprey in East Portland. We anticipate starting a new scouting year in May 2017.

Our group size will be determined by adult leader participation. Section leaders are registered with BPSA as Rovers, and are background checked annually. Please indicate below if you're interested in volunteering to lead a youth section.

Otter (5-7yrs)
Timberwolf (8-11.5)
Pathfinder (11.5-17)
Rover (18+)

Please submit separate forms for additional scouts.

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Section: Otter (5-7yrs); Timberwolf (8-11.5); Pathfinder (11.5-17); Rover (18+)
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