Join the Masumoto OUFab Club
This is for folks who want to love and celebrate organic, ugly, and fabulous fruit (OUFab)!

OUFab fruit is special. It needs people that understand that bruises don't diminish flavor; scars might not look nice, but can't stop sweetness; and, size is not an indicator of good or bad fruit. If you know exactly what we're talking about, this club is for you!

Membership is free, and it grants you access to information about upcoming sales. Completing this survey makes it possible to enter the club.

Here's how it will work:
Once a member, you'll be placed on a list to receive all future e-mails about upcoming summer "OUFab" sales. We send this out about 24 or 48 hours before pick-up time. We set up an "organic fruit drive thru" on specified dates in the evenings (usually 6 or 7 times each summer). If you can make the pick-up date/time and want fruit, through an online form you will pre-order boxes of fruit (8-10 pounds in each box). Upon receipt of your order, we'll send you directions and confirm your order. You'll come to pick up your fruit at the farm! Payment required at time of pick-up by either cash or credit card.

Our goal is that you go home with a box (or more) of organic stone fruit bliss!

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