Flagstaff Academy PTO Teacher Grant Application Form (2017/2018)
The Flagstaff Academy Parent Teacher Organization sets aside $30,000 annually to support ideas from teachers that will make Flagstaff Academy a better place. Those funds are distributed through teacher grants. Flagstaff Academy teachers may apply for a grant by using this form to submit a proposal. In selecting proposals to support the PTO considers, among other things, the size and nature of the benefit to Flagstaff Academy's students, the extent to which the project would further the school's academic and community goals, the cost of the proposal, and the amount of remaining funds for the year.

Submitted proposals will be reviewed and voted on in two separate rounds. The deadline to have your proposal considered in the first round is November 30, 2017. The deadline to have your proposal considered in the second round is February 12, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Granger (wgranger@flagstaffacademy.org) or the PTO Student and Teacher Grants Committee (grants@flagstaffacademypto.org) directly.

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Class(es) Taught *
Please enter the class(es) you teach.
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Contact Information *
Please provide an email address and/or a phone number so that the PTO can contact you if it has any questions regarding your application.
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Title of Project *
Please enter a short title for your proposed project.
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Description of Project *
Please describe your project with as much detail as possible. Consider discussing what the project is, how long it would take to complete, and who would implement the project.
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Project Timeframe
Please outline any important dates relevant to your project. These might include when the project needs to be started by, how long the project would take to complete, and the estimated date of completion.
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Why Should the PTO choose your project? *
Please describe why the PTO should fund your project. Consider discussing what need(s) it solves, who would benefit from the project, how many people would be benefited, how it furthers the aims of the school, and/or how it would supplement the existing academic programs.
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Total Dollar Amount *
Please specify the total dollar amount requested.
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Budget Details *
Please detail how the money would be spent. For example, describe how much would be spent on labor, parts, and on-going costs.
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Do you have any supporting documents you would like the PTO to review? *
If you have supporting documents you would like the PTO to review when considering your proposal please check yes below and email them to the PTO Student and Teacher Grants Committee (grants@flagstaffacademypto.org). Supporting documents are not necessary but can be helpful. Examples of supporting documents are product brochures, a budget spreadsheet, or email communications with potential vendors.
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