Transition Needs Survey for Families
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
As your son or daughter moves closer to graduation, it is important to begin to plan for his/her future. During his/her Annual Review a transition plan is developed. The transition plan will identify future goals for your son/daughter and ways to support him/her in reaching these goals. We would like to see all our students become productive members of society. Your input and involvement is critical. Please take a few minutes to complete this Transition Needs survey to let us know areas in which you may need assistance or have questions. Think of your son/daughter as an adult after graduation as you identify your wishes/ goals for him/her.

It is the mission of the faculty, staff, and administration at Christine Joyner Greene Education Center to prepare students to transition from school to work and community with dignity, humanity, and purpose.

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Teacher Name *
Employment: After graduation, I think my son/daughter could work in: *
Education: Future education for my son/daughter will include (choose all that apply): *
Residential/Living: After graduation my son/daughter will live:   *
Recreation and Leisure: When my son/daughter graduates, I hope he/she is involved in (check all that apply): *
Transportation: When my son/daughter graduates, he/she will (check all that apply):   *
In what area does your child have the greatest needs? (Check all that apply.) *
 Financial Supports / Trusts:  After graduation, how do you want your son/daughter to be supported? (check all that apply): *
Do you think that when your son/daughter turns 18 years old, he/she will: *
Have you prepared (trust fund/special needs trust) for the future support for your son/daughter? *
Have you prepared an ABLE account for the future support for your son/daughter? *
Have you prepared a will that includes plans for your son/daughter? *
What would you like to know more about. Check all that apply.
receiving the service
on a waiting list for this service/support
need more information
please check here if you need support now or within the next few months
Innovation Waiver
Vocational/Employment Rehabilitation Services
Department of Disabilities Services (DDS)
Health Care and/or Health Insurance
Adult Social Security Benefits
Working and Collecting Social Security Benefits – Programs Offered
Adult Day programs
Community Employment Resources
Government Assistance (food stamps, subsidized housing, etc.)
Attorney or Planning Services for Guardianship/Conservatorship/Power of Attorney
Attorney or Planning Services for Financial Options for Your Child - wills, trusts, ABLE accounts
Transportation Services
Respite Care
Community Recreation Options( peer group clubs and activities, adapted activities/recreation areas, camps
Parent/Family Support
Services for the Blind
Mental Health Services(behavioral interventions programs, medication assisitance/
Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Residential services( group homes, AFL, other supported living options)
Please let us know other transition related concerns you may have as your child moves from public education to adult services.
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