Alcester-Hudson Chapter Officer Application: 2020-2021 School Year
AHHS takes pride in our FCCLA chapter. We want the best leaders so we can grow as a chapter! We have expectations set forth for future officers. However, don’t let this discourage you—we want you to have the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills and abilities. We can do great things with ambitious leaders allowing us to soar up, up, and away to reach our goals.

Please read the following below and sign and date—if you are comfortable with these terms.
Read and familiarize yourself with the officer duties and begin filling out the application.
Make sure you turn all papers back in by due date! Wait and anticipate the great rewards FCCLA has to offer you!

All Officers Must:
Remain eligible for extracurricular events.
Enroll in a FACS Course
Complete Power of One Modules
Attend Monthly Chapter Meetings
Attend Chapter Planning Meeting
Participate in a STAR Event

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Officer Application
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Grade (2020-2021 School Year) *
Current Involvement in FCCLA: (Activities you have participated in.) *
FACS Courses Taken/Enrolled In: *
Other School Activities/Organizations Involved In: *
Community Involvement/Activities: *
Strengths as an Officer Candidate: *
Officer Position Selection: Identify Top 3
List up to 3 positions you would like to hold within our chapter.
(Please list in order of preference, see attached list for a description of each role.)

VP of Public Relations
VP of Membership and Recognition
VP of Community Service and Recreation
JH Representative
State/National FCCLA Officer Liaison
Please Identify: Top 3 Desired Officer Positions *
Why do you wish to be an AHHS FCCLA Chapter Officer? *
Name one goal you would set for our chapter if elected. *
Officer Agreement Contract
Type your name in space below contract as your "electronic signature".
I hereby certify that all the information I have included in my application is correct. I have read the requirements for AHHS chapter officers and agree to abide by all rules. I understand that if I fail to uphold my duties, the AHHS FCCLA chapter will find a suitable replacement for my position. *
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