Holiday Festival for Come Home for Christmas Celebration
You may decorate a tree, a wreath, or donate any type of holiday décor to donate for auction.

We will provide you with a tree (various sizes available) or you may use your own materials to create your own tree, wreath or holiday decor. If you wish to use a provided tree then please contact Rosanne Woolf for types & sizes of trees available. 316-644-7428

Decorate your tree or wreath with ornaments or other items matching your theme!

Add additional items as props under your tree to increase the value at the time of auction.

All items must be suitable for someone’s home, office or business.

You may choose to provide your own additional signage to place under your item (this can be thematic) listing the valuable or featured items on and under your items to increase interest from bidders.

Have your item displayed by December 3rd, 2020 at Cheney Public Library. Please have all items needed and ready to assemble when initially setting up. Library hours for set up Nov 30 – Dec 3rd are as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00-1:00 & 2:00-5:00
Thursday: 3:00-7:00

An online auction will take place during Dec 4th - Dec 18th ending at 7:00pm on Dec 18th

Please complete this form by December 3rd, 2020. Questions: Contact 542-3622
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Phone: *
Email: *
Theme: (If applicable)
Description of Theme and/or featured items: *
Estimated Value: *
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