Bluwitte's Local Artisan
Local Artisan is a category dedicated solely for handmade artistic items by any individual. Bluwitte started off as a local shop selling handmade items from Thailand in the 90s. Now, we are keen on carrying on the tradition by expanding our offerings by giving individuals the convenience of a website to upload the art and or items they intend on displaying and selling to the public.

Bluwitte will assist with;

1) Marketing & Promo - No charges for any of these including listing fees. Bluwitte may request items to be displayed at our warehouse/showroom from time to time. Any logistical costs to ship the item(s) to Bluwitte will be paid for by Bluwitte.

2) Commission to Bluwitte - Any product sold via the Bluwitte website will be a 5% commission. The rest of the proceeds of the sale will be bank transferred to the artist(s).

3) Delivery of goods - Bluwitte will coordinate between buyer and seller by using our third party delivery partners.

For those that are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the questionnaire below and our representative will be in touch.

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What do you plan on selling? (Paintings, handmade wallet, keychains, jewellery, potted plants etc)
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