Unmet Clinical Need/Problem Statement
Welcome to BETIC network and ecosystem (www.betic.org). Medical device innovation relies on close collaboration between doctors, researchers, innovators and entrepreuners. This form is intended for clincians and industry partners to share an unmet clinical need with BETIC to initiate a collaborative project. We look forward to hearing from you.
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BETiC receives multiple unmet clinical needs from clinicians and companies all over the country. The team evaluates these for potential innovation, commercialization and impact for prioritizing the projects to take forward. Communication will be initiated with only these projects. Please refrain from sharing/declaring any confidential information or ideas/solutions in this form. We may receive the same or similar needs from multiple sources. Thank you.
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(ex: Diagnosis/screening of disease; specific step in surgery/procedure; assistive/supportive/reconstructive; monitoring, adherence)
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(ex: Efficacy (outcome, accuracy), efficiency (effort, speed); learning curve, skill, comfort, convenience; resource/infrastructure dependency; cost (capital, maintenance and running/usage))
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