Special Cross-Curricular Bonus Seminar- Thursday, November 1st, 7:00 p.m. at MOSH
For only the third time in over a decade, Emily Rokosch, Director of Operations for JASMYN, (Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network), will present a special seminar specifically for Joe Berg scholars. To have the most productive session, it may be helpful to know why we created the seminar (and it's not political). We know we have had students through the years who have needed the safety of JASMYN's services or specific information. Our diverse group of students lends to the safe space we have for discussion of new ideas. We will bring note cards that will be collected so that questions can be asked anonymously.

While we understand that a few students may take an absence for faith-based reasons, we count this seminar a bonus, so it will not count against your final attendance total, should you choose not to attend for whatever reason. Please know we very much welcome parents to attend. But we do ask that parents allow the questions and discussion remain between students and guests and then carry the discussion home.

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