Commonwealth Justice 2018 (Jan 12-15)
Event Address: 2135 Natural Bridge Rd; Slade, KY 40376
Contact Ben at (502) 509-3231or
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Quick question about lodging:
There is one cabin we will reserve that has two bedrooms and four queen-sized beds. It is the largest cabin and therefore a) the one that is most likely to be least expensive when the cost is divided among the occupants and b) the cabin we will designate as the "after hours cabin" where everyone can gather and talk increasingly loud as the night progresses. (Last year, the "after hours cabin" had a small child sleeping in it, which was...suboptimal?)
I would like to stay in the "after hours cabin".
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Organizing the Weekend
I would like to help organize this year's get-away. I would like to (or, at least, am willing to)...
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I would like to help pay for the costs of running the weekend
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