Enlightenment (and related things)
This is for anyone who's experienced enlightenment, awakening, stream entry, or anything related to these things.

I'm going to use words that you might not consider quite right. I'm trying to be precise as possible, but due to the nature of this topic it's not going to be perfect. Some people consider their positions as 'states', others as 'modes', still others as 'non-states', 'realizations,' or 'locations.' I'm going to use generalized terms in this survey (such as simply 'states' or the word 'enlightenment'); I know this isn't exactly right but please bear with me and go with the spirit of the question.

Your answers are anonymous but the full data, including your fill-in-text responses, will be publicly visible at the end of the survey.
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How many psychedelics (both frequency and intensity) did you use prior to entering your current state?
A ton
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Which of the following was important for your entry into your current state?
Where do you live? *
Please select any terms that seem to describe your state *
Please try to select from the options available, even if they aren't quite right. Please only use the fill-in-the-blank option if you're referencing a common and existing word or tradition that isn't already listed. Please don't provide a general description of your experience.
The word you feel most closely and accurately describes your current state is: *
Please try to select from the options available, even if they aren't quite right.
Your ethnicity? *
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How much meditation did you do prior to entering your current state? *
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You got to this survey through: *
While there will be more precise questions later, please describe generally the nature of the state you're in, as well as any clarifications about terminology or the way you're relating to the questions in this survey.
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