Parent, Student, and Community Safety Survey
The following is a survey that is divided into 2 sections regarding student safety in LCSD2. Section 1 is for general safety, and section 2 is in regards to school district employees carrying a firearm on school property in response to Wyoming State Statute 21-3-132 that was created in 2017.
Section 1
In this section we would like to know your general understanding of the safety of students in LCSD2.
Please rate the safety of students in LCSD2.
not safe
very safe
Please rate your understanding of the procedures used to keep students safe at LCSD2.
limited understanding
complete understanding
Suggestions to improve safety here at LCSD2.
Your answer
Section 2
In this section the School Board of LCSD2 is seeking input from parents, community members and students in regards to considering a policy for school district employees to carry a firearm on school property.
Rate your level of support for a district policy that would allow school district employees to carry a firearm.
no support
strong support
Rate how comfortable you would be in having approved and trained employees carrying a concealed firearm on school property.
not comfortable
very comfortable
In your opinion, if a policy was passed for school district employees to carry a firearm on school property, who should cover the cost associated with the training to carry a firearm?
Please share any other thoughts you have concerning concealed carry in LCSD2.
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What is your relationship with the school district (please indicate what fits you best)?
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