JSMC Scholarship-Loan Program Application 2018
JSMC has established this program to assist and encourage our students in furthering their college education and in better connecting with youth.

1. For applying to this needs-based program, the student must be eligible to attend undergraduate or graduate college during 2018-19

2. The Committee will evaluate all applicants using the criteria of Financial need, Merit, Essay and Recommendation letters. Applicants with last 2-years average family income (AGI) > $150K will not be considered.

3. An applicant may apply for scholarship, interest-free loan or both. JSMC intends to award interest-free loans (up to $10,000) and scholarships (up to $4,000) per student, subject to the number of applicants & contributors

4. All applications are due by May 13th, 2018 through the online form that follows.

5. An independent Scholarship & Loan Committee has been instituted and will evaluate all applicants

6. Preference will be given to applicants who are JSMC members or immediate relatives of JSMC members

7. During the process, the Committee will take utmost caution to ensure confidentiality of information submitted

Email questions to: jsmc.scholarshiploan@gmail.com

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