BOYS between the ages of 12 – 19 have been found to be at risk of engaging in delinquent behaviors which are harmful to them, others, women and girls, and the society. Societal factor that have directly or indirectly control the behavior of boys and would affect their understanding of who a man is and/or is not. These factors we believe have bearing effects on how boys and men see women and the way they treat them.

Our Curriculum on Healthy and Respectful Manhood seeks to address these factors either holistically as we see that they are interconnected or individually.

We believe the society plays major role in shaping the life of the boy-child. The originating belief of who a man is supposed or not supposed to be has robbed the boy-child of his right of being a BOY first and then a better MAN. The society has preprogrammed images and predetermine ways of behavior it expects the boy-child to follow and anything short of that will form baselines which determine whether or not he is less or more of a boy and/or man.

Because of these, the boy-child has so many beliefs and behaviors controlling his thoughts system and way of life. These are what we seek to correct in our BOYS2MEN (B2M) Coaching & Mentoring. We will be using the Disruptive Coaching and Mentoring approach to correct these norms.

The three objectives we will work to achieve are:
1. To help raise the next generation of men with good moral values in our communities, having respect for self, one another, women and girls.
2. To help develop and influence in boys a positive attitude and behavioral mindset towards life.
3. To help boys in acquiring secure sense of identity, a mature orientation toward their lives, and the ability to recognize and articulate their feelings in resolving their own personal and interpersonal conflicts.

These strategies are taught in the context of a group coaching and mentoring program in which the participants receive didactic instruction as well as opportunities to be supported by coaches and mentors as they practice using the skills. The curriculum is designed to be engaging and practical, with strategies the participants can apply in their daily lives.

The B2M Coaching & Mentoring program focuses on developing and improving values such as Respect, Responsibility, Accountability, Honesty, Integrity, and Service to a cause greater than self (outcomes related to education, risky behaviors, or social skills and relationships.)

The duration of our curriculum will be for a maximum of 9weeks and will hold on weekends for a maximum of 2-hours/topic.

Topics to cover are:

Lesson 1: The Man Box

Lesson 2: Society’s Gender Rules

Lesson 3: Man Box Teachings

Lesson 4: The media connection

Lesson 5: Understanding Objectification

Lesson 6: Understanding Sexual Harassment

Lesson 7: Understanding Sexual Assault

Lesson 8: Interrupt The Cycle

Lesson 9: Healthy Manhood, Healthy Relationships

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