SFF Book Bonanza - New Releases (April 2020)
Do you have a new release? Let us know!

What qualifies? Anything releasing in the given month, or ~30 days before or after. Pre-orders that launch in the given month can also be included.

I'll add each book as they come in. They will stay on the New Releases page for the entire month, only swapping out for the next month's books. This page will get extra attention from readers directed to the site for other promos.

For now, I am only accepting Amazon links. Additional retailer options will be added in time. It is recommended that you offer a discounted launch price to entice new readers. Higher prices may produce lower results.

You are expected to share the New Releases page with your subscribers at some point during the month.

Promo link: www.sffbookbonanza.com/newreleases

Cost: $5 sent by PayPal to: deanfwilson@gmail.com

Direct PP link: https://www.paypal.me/deanfwilson

If you would like to offset the PayPal fee, send $6. Write your author name and promo name in the PayPal description field to make it easier to match payment with form submission. US dollars only.

OR submit a blog post (unique content) for the SFF Book Bonanza Blog in lieu of payment (or do both!). Check the Facebook group for requirements and suggestions for blog posts. Blog posts must not be "salesy" (i.e. not just pushing your books).

Blog post guidelines: http://sffbookbonanza.com/blog-post-guidelines/

Blog posts should be emailed to: deanfwilson@gmail.com

Blog posts may come HTML-ready or in plain-text. If the latter, attach all necessary images, etc.

Make sure you add my email (deanfwilson@gmail.com) to your contacts list so you don't miss out on the promo launch details.


For more info and future promos, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sffpromos/
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