Texan by Nature Conservation Partner Application
If you are interested in becoming a Texan by Nature Conservation Partner, please fill out this application. We will be in touch with you within 2-4 weeks of submission.

If you have any questions about Texan by Nature, our Conservation Partner network, or the application process, please email info@texanbynature.org or call 512-284-7482.
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About Texan by Nature
Texan by Nature is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by former First Lady Laura Bush to align the interests of conservation groups with business, healthcare, schools, the scientific community, and faith-based organizations. We believe our state’s prosperity and quality of life are strongly linked to the conservation of natural resources.

As Texans, it’s in our nature to take care of the wildlife, native habitat, and natural resources that help our economy thrive and help define our identity as Texans. Texan by Nature contributes to our state’s unique culture of conservation by activating new investments that help take care of Texas. Investments may come in the form of money, time, land, influence, and research. We engage Texans in conservation projects where they live, work, worship, and play because conservation is good business and enhances quality of life for all Texans.

In 2011 Mrs. Laura Bush founded Texan by Nature to unite conservation and business leaders who believe our state’s prosperity is dependent on the conservation of our natural resources.

We bring conservation together. We amplify projects and activate new investment in conservation, which returns real benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources. We achieve our goals through our Texan by Nature Certification program, Conservation Wrangler program, Symposia series, and Texan by Nature 20.

We build upon the already impressive efforts that make Texas a leader in natural resource conservation. Texan by Nature connects the brightest minds and projects with the strongest resources and funding to make the biggest impact for Texans, our economy, and our natural world.

Learn more at: www.texanbynature.org
About Becoming a Texan by Nature Conservation Partner
We’re proud to partner with 75+ conservation organizations that are innovating new approaches in every corner of our great state.

At Texan by Nature, we connect conservation organizations with the resources and relationships they need to extend their initiatives’ impact. When you partner with us, you gain access to a statewide network of Conservation Partners, Business Partners, researchers, and other like-minded organizations. All of our partners work hard every day to care for Texas’ land, water, and wildlife. And when we collaborate freely and share our expertise, we can accelerate the benefit to our state’s people, prosperity, and natural resources.

Effective partnerships require a mutual exchange of value and information between Texan by Nature and Conservation Partners. We accomplish this by:

Featuring Conservation Partners on our Conservation Partner page and we ask that Conservation Partners feature Texan by Nature on their respective partner page.

Connecting relevant Conservation Partners to our programs – Conservation Wrangler, Texan by Nature Certification, and Symposia Series.

Highlighting Conservation Partners’ on our website and social media channels and we ask that Conservation Partners highlight Texan by Nature on their website and social media channels when applicable.

To ensure Texas’ media is updated on all TxN + Conservation Partners’ news, we are creating a monthly round-up that will allow partners to submit events, announcements, and milestones that they would like to share with Texas media.
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