Paths of Understanding
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Seeking inspiration:
I'm developing a new public art project whose goal is to challenge us to better understand each other: to bridge differences & create dialogue both between individuals of various religious affiliations, and between those who consider themselves religious & those who don't, so that we might better work together in building the world that we want to live in. I would appreciate your input!
Four page form: might require introspection.
You can be as brief or as in-depth as you'd like, but please complete this form when you have at least a few minutes of thoughtful attention to give to it. I want to be respectful of your time; know that the questions in the first two sections can get into some deep and complex territory and I'll read and value whatever you have to share. The last page is the easiest!
First: Virtues
What virtues do you seek to cultivate in yourself?
Tell us a little bit about any personal / private practices that help you cultivate those virtues.
Tell us a little bit about any community / group practices that help you cultivate those virtues.
Where do you turn to for wisdom / inspiration / guidance?
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