Theme Camp Sign-Up
Hello Theme Camp Leader! This is the sign-up to have your theme camp officially registered at Midnight Market Summer Camp.

What is a Theme Camp? Good question! A theme camp is an organized group that provides virtual services, entertainment, art, or other creative interactive experiences to the attendees of MM Summer Camp.

We are currently accepting a few mediums of theme camps - as in where the camp will take place - but if there is enough interest in a new medium, we will open up the option for everyone.

❂ Theme Camp Mediums ❂
☀ Dedicated Discord Text and/or Voice Channel
☀ Animal Crossing: New Horizons
☀ Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
☀ Minecraft: Java Edition

Only the Theme Camp Leader needs to register with this form. Recruitment of theme camp members is open and up to each leader (within rules listed in this form).

***All theme camps must present a story at the Campfire Storytime on October 30th @ 7pm - 9pm EST - more details incoming September 30th - You will be given a prompt to base you story off of. A representative can be assigned and the leader doesn't need to present**

Deadline for sign-ups: September 24th, 11:59PM EST
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