The objective of this grant is to provide support to community members pursuing education and related opportunities to increase both their own well being and the well being of others. Well being is the state of being healthy and happy, it includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning or purpose.

The types of well being that are funded with this grant are:
Emotional & Mental Well-Being
Physical Well-Being

Must be a project within “well being”: such as emotional, mental, physical.
Must be for projects that are already in process or not yet begun.
Not available for projects that are already completed.
The use of the funds is flexible, but a description of how the funds will be used should be explained thoroughly in the application and recipients are expected to use the funds as described.
Projects must be approved by all entities or agencies involved.
Must be a Little Cottonwood community member. A community member is someone who lives, works or plays in LCC.
Winning applicants will be asked to give back to the community. IE: presentation, event, project, volunteerism.
Past recipients are no longer eligible for grant monies.
Not available to employees of Alta Community Enrichment or Board members of Alta Community Enrichment.
Project, evaluation forms and accounting must be completed by April 1st the following year.
Recipients required to present accounting of project.
Artists must provide examples of their work.
Deadline for applications of March 1st
All applicants will be notified approximately April 1st

Project and evaluation form must be completed by April 1st the following year.

WE HIGHLY SUGGEST ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS IN WORD, SPELL CHECKING AND COPYING YOUR ANSWERS TO THIS FORM. Applications with poor spelling and grammar will be disqualified. Please review the expectations of a successful grant application.
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