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Friday Night Fanfic - Season 5 Guest Form
Hi, there! You're here because you're interested in being a guest reader on Friday Night Fanfiction during Season 5. Good for you, we're happy to do our best to fit you into the reading schedule. You will need to submit some information here in order to get us, you, and the audience the best experience possible.

First, some useful information if you want to be a guest reader:

1) Make sure you have a good enough mic and headset in order to participate. We don't ask that you get yourself a top-of-the-line studio mic and monitor headphones, but an integrated Laptop or Webcam mic simply makes it really hard for people to understand you, and even harder to clean up the audio after the fact. If you're using a computer, I would recommend something highly rated and cheap in the USB Headset area of Amazon.

We realize that it's hard to expect someone to pay money, especially with restrictive budgets, on equipment for this, but trust us, they're worth investing in if you routinely use your machine for audio communication. If you don't have a computer, or absolutely can not afford something like that if you don't already have it, most Android and iPhone smartphones have acceptable mics. Discord offers a mobile app as well, so if you have that available, it should be usable.

2) We do all of our voice interaction via Discord at this time. Discord is an application platform similar to Teamspeak, Skype, and Mumble, however Discord works best for us right now. It integrates our FNF chat room with persistent history and gives us IRC-like permissions for users in order to keep the voice chats organized and give the audio experts control over the call for best results. In order to participate in a guest reading, you'll need to have Discord already set up for you prior to your appearance date. You can access our Discord server and be given proper fan roles by going to our streaming website, , and clicking on the Discord widget near the bottom of the page. There is a webpage interface that works for most people, but if you find yourself having technical issues with Discord, please download the application client for your specific OS. That usually resolves any lingering audio problems.

3) As of now, our recording/broadcast sessions are on Wednesday evenings from 8PM EST to about 10PM EST. If you're going to be a guest on an episode, please show up by 7:30PM EST into the Discord server so that we can vet any technical problems, warm everyone up for the show, and go over any other pertinent information. You will want to be idling in the General/Where Stevo Edits Voice Channel. You will be dragged into the FNF Voice Channel when the warmup begins (you will not have native access to it by default, so if for some reason you disconnect at all during the show, go back into General and we'll bring you back to where you need to be).

4) While we do edit the show, please be aware of overtalking any other guests/hosts. We all have a lot we want to say but overtalking constantly means a lot of material needs to either be removed or will be in subpar quality. Not killing the fun for anyone, but you'll probably get the rhythm of the show pretty quickly.

As long as you've read and understood all of the above, we're ready to get you scheduled for Season 5! This is our first time doing this kind of guest recruitment form for scheduling, so hopefully it works better than our current ad-hoc method.

All guest schedulings will be paired with a Google Calendar event for when your particular episode will be. Let's get to the info!

What is your name/alias/what would you like to be called?
What is your email address? (gmail preferred)
Would you like to come on a short fic episode, long fic episode, or both?
Would you like to be contacted for future seasons of FNF for guest appearances?
You will receive an email when we schedule our next season with a similar form to get you on the calendar. If at any time you get this schedule form emailed and you want to stop being contacted, respond to the email saying so and we will remove you from our guest database.
Are you planning to guest appear with another specific person or people?
If you had another person or multiple persons you wanted to come on with, please give the total amount of guests and the additional names of those you'd be on with. We typically schedule 1-2 guests per episode to keep the dialog clear and let everyone have a good chance to read and make jokes. We can squeeze more people in (no more than 4 guests max) but there has to be special circumstances for that. This answer is optional so please leave blank if not applicable.
Is there a specific fic that you would like to be scheduled to read?
If there's a specific story you've submitted that you'd like to read, please specify with fic title and author. If you haven't submitted it to us yet, please do so. We have a separate form for fanfic submission, located here:
Are there any Wednesday dates that you are unable to appear?
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