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The St. Petersburg / Clearwater Film Commission's Digital Creator Studio program is designed to mimic the highly successful YouTube Space model. FilmSPC recognizes the importance of digital media/web-based content creation and having spaces designed especially for digital creators to produce video content, learn new skills, and collaborate with the YouTube creative community. Our Digital Creator Studio program enables local content creators to produce video content, attend workshops and collaborate with other channels.

To produce with FilmSPC's “Digital Creator Studio” you must:
• Have an active YouTube channel. FilmSPC evaluates subscriber count and content quality.
• Have no current copyright or Terms of Service strikes on your qualifying channel(s).
• Attend a 1-day digital bootcamp orientation.
• Be at least 18 years old.

Use the Studio:
FilmSPC will evaluate applicants' qualifications and select participants for the Digital Creator Studio program. Attendance at a one-day digital bootcamp is mandatory for all participants. The bootcamp is a live session explaining courses, policies, procedures, how to use the spaces, what locations, studios and spaces are available, etc.

Course Overview:

10 FUNDAMENTALS OF A CREATIVE STRATEGY (45 minutes). Develop your show ideas and learn what makes great content succeed on YouTube. The session will include top programming concepts and innovative strategies from creators — with the goal of developing your ideas for maximum success.

GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: CHANNEL AND VIDEO OPTIMIZATION (1 hour). The next step is helping all of your potential fans on YouTube find and fall in love with your videos. Learn how you can optimize your videos with good titles and thumbnails, annotations and more to help audiences discover and watch more of them, and eventually become a loyal fan that will keep coming back to your channel!

MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE, AMAZON, VIMEO (1 hour). Learn how to use tools that YouTube provides to enable you to make informed financial decisions. Plus learn what Amazon and Vimeo are offering for creators and how to make money on these platforms.

COLLABORATE: 7 BEST PRACTICES (30 minutes). So you’ve heard that collaborations are important, but who should you collab with? And what is cross-promotion and how is that different from a collab? We will answer these frequently asked questions, review what collaborations on YouTube look like, why they are important, and how to engage with other creators to develop the perfect collab for your channel. Be prepared to get off your feet and practice developing collaboration ideas with other attendees!

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