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I'm In If It's Easy
Easy/Beginner Backpacking Trip
Humpback Rocks Backpacking (Easy)
St Mary's Wilderness Backpacking
Dolly Sods Backpacking (Easy-Intermediate)
Mount Rogers Backpacking
50 Miler Backpacking Trip (Easy Difficulty)
Long/Difficult Backpacking Trip (50-100 miles)
Multi Day Spring Break Backpacking Trip
CrabTree Falls Over Night
False Cape Backpacking Trip (Easy)
Old Rag Overnight (12 miles then camp)
Day Trip Bike Trip
Day Trip Bike Trip - High Bridge Trail
Overnight Bike Trip
Overnight Bike Trip - Capitol Trail
Overnight Bike Trip - DC
Creeper Trail Bike and Patrol Camp
2-3 Day Bikepacking Trip - C&O Canal
186 Mile 6 Day C&O Bikepacking Trip
Canoe Day Trip
Canoe Overnight Trip
Overnight Canoe Trip - James River ending @ Maidens
False Cape Canoe Trip
White water rafting Day Trip - Richmond ($$)
Multi Day 50+ mile Canoe Trip
10 Mile Day Hike
15 Mile Day Hike
20 Mile Day Hike
Night Hike
See how far we can hike in 24 hours
Old Rag Day Hike
Day Hike to Afton Mountain Tunnel
Day Hike to Compton Mountain
Day Hike - Rose River/Dark Hollow Falls
CrabTree Falls Day Hike
Geocaching Day Hike
Hiking Merit Badge Day Hike (20/15/10/5 miles)
20/15/10/5 mile Day Hike and Patrol Camp (multiple groups ending at same place)
Wilderness Survival Patrol Camp
Scoutmaster Challenge Patrol Camp
Orienteering Patrol Camp
Fishing Patrol Camp
Geocaching Patrol Camp
Patrol Camp - Washington DC
Advancement Patrol Camp
First Aid Merit Badge Patrol Camp
Just chill in the woods Patrol Camp
Cooking Merit Badge Patrol Camp
Camping Merit Badge Patrol Camp
Fishing Merit Badge Patrol Camp
Rank Specific Patrol Camp (i.e. Scout Rank only Patrol Camp)
CrabTree Falls Patrol Camp (Patrol Camp and Day Hike)
Adult Skills Patrol Camp (Patrol Camp for Adults)
Astronomy Patrol Camp
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