Alpha Online
Alpha takes place across 10 sessions. We will allocate you a suitable Alpha run once you indicate your available slots in the form below.

Alpha Online kickstarts with a 30 minute video followed by small group discussions. On each Alpha session, we will look into a topic that explores the big questions of life and faith and unpack the basics of Christianity.

Organised by Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Wk 1. Is There More To Life Than This?
Wk 2. Who Is Jesus?
Wk 3. Why Did Jesus Die?
Wk 4. How Can I Have Faith?
Wk 5. Why and How Do I Pray?
Wk 6. Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
Wk 7. How Does God Guide Us?
Wk 8. Who Is the Holy Spirit?  *Saturday
Wk 9. Does God Heal Today?
Wk 10. What About The Church?


第一周: 一生何求?
第二周: 耶稣是谁?
第三周: 耶稣为什么死?
第四周: 何谓“信了主”?
第五周: 为什么要祷告,如何祷告?
第六周: 为什么要读圣经,怎样读?
第七周: 神怎样指引我们?
第八周: 圣灵有什么工作?  怎样被圣灵充满?*星期六
第九周: 神今天还医治人吗?
第十周: 教会是什么?
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