SASY Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program 2020 Application Form
SASY Neighborhood Improvement Grants are awarded annually to projects that make the SASY Neighborhood a better place for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Please read the eligibility and stipulations carefully. They are the rules we use to review grant applications.
Who is Eligible?
- Incorporated non-profit organizations doing work or special projects within SASY, or that affect SASY residents or businesses. Non-profit organizations headquartered within SASY will be prioritized higher.
- individuals and unincorporated groups proposing programs, events, or projects within the SASY neighborhood, or that would have clear benefits for SASY residents, visitors, or businesses. Individuals and groups of people who live in the SASY neighborhood will be prioritized higher.

Find a map of the SASY neighborhood here:
What types of projects are eligible?
Eligible projects include those that:
- enhance the experience of the SASY neighborhood for residents, visitors, and/or businesses,
- build a sense of community, identity, or place in the SASY neighborhood through public art, education programs, public events, place-making projects, community service, or community-building.
- incorporate the principles of tolerance, inclusivity, equity, positive social impact
- clearly show realistic planning and budgeting, and

Past recipients have done this through public art, education programs, public music events, place-making projects, and community service programs. Projects should also operate with the principles of tolerance, inclusivity, equity, and community in mind.

Successful proposals will clearly show realistic planning and budgeting.

Grants will not be awarded for general operating expenses, endowments, religious or political programs, or lobbying efforts.
How much money is available?
Grant funding varies each year, and is based on the proceeds from AtwoodFest, SASY's summer neighborhood celebration and music festival. In 2020 we appropriated $16,000 for Neighborhood Grants. Applicants may apply for any amount up to $2000.
What Are the Stipulations?
Here are the rules we follow for making grants to neighborhood projects:

1. The deadline for submission of this form is Sunday, February 2, 2020, at 11:59pm.
2. Grant applications must be submitted using this form. Please do not send an application by email or paper mail.
3. Applicants must attend the SASY Board meeting on February 13, 2020 to present their proposal and/or answer questions.
4. Grants will be awarded at the March 12, 2020 meeting of the SASY Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified of grant awards shortly thereafter.
5. Grant funding must be used within one year of the date it is awarded. Grantees may request extra time to use funding if there are unforeseen circumstances. Extensions must be approved by the SASY Board of Directors.
6. Grants will not be awarded for endowments, staff positions, or other operating expenses
7. Grant funds will be disbursed for activities or materials described in the grant proposal. Grant funds may not be redirected to other projects, or to other components of the awarded project.
8. Grantees will be asked to incorporate the SASY Neighborhood Grant logo into any marketing and recognition content created to promote the project either online or in print.
9 Grantees will be asked to share photos of the funded program with SASY for promotion of the neighborhood and the grant program.
10. Grantees may be asked to report back on grant-funded projects either in-person at a meeting of the SASY board of directors, or in writing.
Now Tell Us About Your Project!
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Tell us about the project. Include details about who will do the work, what the project will accomplish, what the project's goals are, and who is the project's target audience. *
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Tell us how you expect the project to be funded. Please include, if applicable: 1) Total cost of the project, 2) all sources and amounts of anticipated funding, 3) whether other sources are committed or expected, and 4) in-kind materials and services you expect to be donated to the project. If it's easier to send your budget breakdown in a separate document, please send it to, and tell us which application it relates to. (email your budget breakdown only. Please do not send your full application by email.) *
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How many volunteer hours (if any) do you expect to be contributed toward the project? *
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What to expect next...
The deadline for submitting this application is February 2, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

If you have questions about, or problems with this form, please contact us at

If you have general questions about the grant program -

If we need more details about your proposal or budget we'll contact you at the email address you provide.

Applicants will be asked to attend a meeting of the SASY Board of Directors on February 13, 2020 to present their proposal and answer questions about their applications.

Grants will be awarded at the March 12, 2020 meeting of the SASY board of Directors. Grant recipients will be notified of their award in March 2020.
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