Django Developers Survey 2020
What is your primary operating system?
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When starting a new project, which version of Django do you use?
How often do you upgrade Django in your projects?
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How easy is it to upgrade Django versions (5 is very easy, 1 is very hard)?
Very hard
Very easy
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How could we make upgrading Django easier?
Which built-in database(s) do you use?
Which built-in GeoDjango backend(s) do you use?
Which cache backends do you use?
What core components of Django are most valuable to you?
What contrib apps are most valuable to you?
Which Python packages do you rely on?
Which Django 3rd party apps do you rely on?
Which test frameworks do you use?
What template engine do you use?
What parts of the Django documentation are most useful?
How do you follow Django development?
What is Django doing right? What could Django change?
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