SAP Integration meeting at SAP Teched 2019
It is now SAP Teched Season. It means it is time to learn what is new from SAP.
One of the things that I enjoy with Teched is the ability to learn from what is happening in the Integration space. I do appreciate randomness, but a more controlled approach will be good.

I have three ideas:
* One would be to find a place away from the conference on a Monday afternoon for a little longer conversation. It could be a bar/cafe or some other place that would allow a meetup
* Find some time slots and locations on the show floor or in a hallway, where it could be possible to meet
* Dinner the free evening

I don't have any specific locations in place at the moment. If you have ideas for the events please let me know.
You will have to pay for your own food and drinks unless we get a sponsor.

I'll not be in Bangalore but will share the information with someone who will manage it.

--Daniel Graversen
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