Durham Farm and Food Network: Durham Farmer Survey
•We are reaching out to Durham County farmers and potential farmers to gather information for work we are doing in the Farming and Natural Resources Action Circle of the Durham Farm and Food Network (DFFN). DFFN has been working in the community for the last year to understand and address Durham’s food system needs and opportunities with focus on understanding stakeholder needs, and existing initiatives and efforts.

•The information we gather here will be used only to help us identify and prioritize the highest impact area for our Network to focus on. We will also use this information to elevate (at a blinded and combined level) key findings to our elected officials and partner organizations to advocate for ongoing efforts to support the local farming community.

•Most questions are multiple choice and we estimate that the survey will take about 15 minutes start to finish.

•How will this help you? This survey is a way to make your voice heard to improve farm policy in Durham: this survey will help show the magnitude of the farmer/ potential-farmer voice and need, and will help shape Durham programs and policy that will help you farm.

General Questions - About you
We'd like to understand a bit about who you are, and where you are in your farming career.
What is your name (optional)?
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How long have you lived in Durham County?
How long have you been farming/participating in the production of agricultural products?
Where do you currently farm/garden?
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What is your current role(s) in farming? [check all that apply]
Where else do you have significant farm experience (and what was your role?)?
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If you do not currently own your own farm, are you interested in doing so?
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