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Hi everyone! BLUEsat is a space project society, which invites all students to join all year round. We welcome UNSW students from all years and faculties e.g. Engineering, Commerce, Science etc.

BLUEsat offers a valuable opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team and gain a lot of real world experience.

Project teams we provide include:
- Development of a Mars Rover to compete in international competitions. (See
- Development of CubeSat systems and missions, including space science (
- Development of Stratospheric Balloon Vehicles for high altitude equipment testing and other projects. (
- Management of a nanosatellite groundstation. (
- Or join one of our operations teams which work on media, events, finance and outreach

For any enquiries please email or visit

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In the meantime here's an image taken by one of our stratospheric balloons
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