The SDG Breakfast Club at Skoll World Forum
Wednesday April 10th
Ashmolean Museum Rooftop Cafe

Join us for an interactive workshop to unlock the urgent and important challenges relating to three UN SDGs. Together we will kick off a 2 year effort to catalyze human and financial capital for high leverage solutions to address gender equality (SDG 5), ocean health (SDG 14). This is an opportunity to deep dive with local change agents, impact entrepreneurs, funders, corporations, and NGO leaders to co-create the path forward. We are also excited to build off of our conversations last year, where we honed in on levers for change to improve education of displaced/refugee children (SDG 4).

Convening17 uses a three part process of Discover, Connect, and Scale to drive greater impact and break down silos in achieving the UN SDGs. This breakfast is the first in the 2019 series and is an opportunity to engage in a community that sees partnership as the path forward. We will tap the wisdom of our networks and collaborate with local leaders, including those driving local Airbnb social impact experiences and hosting TEDx events in their cities.

We will also be announcing a competition focusing on trauma-informed education for displaced children building on the results of the Convening17: Quality Education series last year.

Convening17 unlocks the power of collaboration to:
Galvanize stakeholders with a shared vision
Build momentum for pilots, partnerships, and projects
Evolve conversations to avoid starting from scratch time and time again
Share successes and failures to accelerate lessons learned across organizations
Connect human, financial, and physical capital towards better outcomes

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