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We are an organization founded by college students, for college students. Our mission is to connect college students to the knowledge, skills, and people necessary to find your place in the climate space. 🌱

Whether you are an undergrad/postgrad/early professional, writer/engineer/pre-med, we would love to have you in our community. 👥

We host monthly meetups, offer a month-long Launchpad Program, and are constantly looking for new ways to reach college students. 🎓

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Please read our community guidelines below:

- Be respectful and inclusive in your interactions, valuing diverse perspectives and treating others with kindness. 
- Keep discussions focused on climate tech and related topics, sharing valuable resources, insights, and opportunities. 
- Avoid self-promotion and spamming; contribute meaningfully to the conversations and provide valuable insights. 
- Use inclusive language, being mindful of how your words and actions may impact others in the community. 
- Maintain a safe and welcoming environment, free from harassment, discrimination, or any form of offensive behavior. 
- Respect the privacy of others; do not share personal information without consent. 
- Report any violations of the code of conduct to the Slack Masters or moderators. 
- Engage in constructive discussions, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere within the community. 
- Be open to learning, embracing new ideas, and engaging in respectful debates. 
- Remember that everyone is here to learn and grow, so approach discussions with curiosity, empathy, and a willingness to listen.
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