CMS Classroom Observation
Make sure to include evidence for each domain observed.
Teacher being observed
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2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
Teacher interaction with students: Ratio of interactions to corrective, CKH
Student interactions with other students
Teacher establishes relationship with each student
Teacher shows an appreciation for each child as an individual
Teacher provides opportunities for students to get to know and accept each other
Teacher encourages students to take intellectual risks and be creative
Words and actions of the teacher demonstrate respect & rapport
Classroom Social Contract
Evidence for 2a
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2c: Managing ClassroomProcedures
Teacher establishes (with students) and communicates classroom procedures and rules
Management of instructional groups, transitions, materials and supplies
Performance of non-instructional duties
Supervision of volunteers and paraprofessionals
Procedures are posted in the classroom, communicated in writing to students and families
Students assist with procedures such as attendance, contract raters, clean up, dismissal
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2d: Managing Student Behavior
Monitoring of student behavior. ratio of positive to corrective interactions
Response to student misbehavior documentation of classroom interventions
Age appropriate and culturally consistent standards
Rules/expectations are clearly and consistently applied
When giving •notice" classroom rhythm is minimally disrupted; student dignity is maintained
Preventative and intervening strategies are appropriately
Teacher has a system in place to track behavior
Teacher often points out positive behavior for all students
Behavior intervention plan is in place to support all students CKH — 4 Questions
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3b:Using Questioning andDiscussion Techniques
Essential question is posted for each lesson
Questions engage students in an exploration of content
Think time is allowed before responses
Teacher probes to seek clarification
All students are engaged in discussion
Teacher stays on topic, uses follow-up, rephrases
Essential Options are posted in the classroom
"Think, pair, share" and "Tum and Talk" techniques are used
Teacher probes to seek clarification
Teacher has a procedure to ensure all students are participating
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3c:Engaging Students in Learning
Activities and assignments adapted to students' learning styles and levels
Knowledge of instructional goal(s) established
Teacher uses examples and metaphors that illustrate new learning
Teacher promotes problem-solving; permits choice
Materials and resources are ready for student
Structure of lesson is maintained
Groupings are differentiated based on student knowledge, interests, and ability
Active engagement techniques are used; think pair share, cooperative learning structures
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3d:Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
Teacher uses assessment criteria
Teacher monitors student learning regularly
Effective feedback is specific, descriptive, understandable
All feedback is provided in a timely fashion
Comments give students information needed to improve performance
Opportunities for self-assessment and self-monitoring of progress are established
Formative assessment strategies are used
Do you have Evidence for 3d?
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