ATL All Stars Talent Show Auditions!

Audition and Workshop: Saturday, October 27, 12pm - 4:30pm (You MUST stay the entire time)
Audition Location: College Park Auditorium, 3631 Main Street, College Park, GA 30337


*Cutoff for auditions will be noon on Saturday, October 27th! We recommend arriving by 11:15am!
*Registration fee is due the day of the audition and is $5 per performer.
*There is a $5 admission fee in order to attend the audition for anyone NOT performing.
*All performers must be between the ages of 5 and 25.
*Each act will have 1 minute to audition and 3 minutes to perform in the show.
*All music MUST be on a USB drive. No email and no phones will be accepted.
*Vocalists and rappers MUST use instrumentals only, ad-libs/background vocals are acceptable.
*On audition day, you MUST stay until 4:30 pm for our performance workshop and briefing.

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Who can perform?
We are looking for performers of all kinds! Singers, dancers, actors, poets, steppers, instrumentalists, and more -- are all welcome! Youth ages 5-25 can audition and perform in this show. We also invite teens, parents and other supporters to join our production team in planning this event and other events throughout the year hosted by Atlanta All Stars.

Do I have to audition in order to participate?
Yes. You must attend the audition to be in the show! Also you must stay for the workshop after the audition.

Is there a Registration Fee?
Yes, $5 for each perfomer and all others who attend the audition. Therefore we suggest you bring just one person to the audition as your Plus-One (a manager, parent, friend, etc) who will also get free entry on the day of the show. Everyone else will need to pay the audition fee and also purchase a show ticket.

We will keep in touch to help you prepare for audition day!

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