GYCAD 2021 Revision and Feedback Form
The Global Youth Climate Action Declaration (GYCAD) is a living document that represents international youth voices on climate action. You are invited to provide your input. To read the 2020 edition, visit

Please use the following form to provide input with the suggested steps:

1. Select the section of your choice in Question 2 (e.g. Section I Economic, Political, and Social Drivers).
2. Enter the clause number(s) of the section you would like to revise and enter your feedback or suggestions in Question 3. You may copy and paste the GYCAD text and edit it directly in this form. (e.g. Section 1 Economic, Political, and Social Drivers, Clause Number II)

You may repeat the steps for additional sections for which you would like to provide input in the second section of the form. We will re-release the revised version of the GYCAD document later in year. Thank you very much for your input!
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