Fight4LifeMC Staff Application

By becoming a staff member on Fight4Life, you are volunteering to help improve and expand the Fight4LifeMC experience and the Fight4LifeMC community. As a member of staff, you will receive the ability to use tools and commands normally unavailable to ordinary players. You must however abide by all of the rules just like everyone else. Fight4Life rules can be viewed in the Rules channel on the Discord server. Those rules apply to the Fight4LifeMC website, Discord server, and Minecraft server. There are some additional unwritten rules throughout Fight4LifeMC, but anyone with common sense will likely never violate them. Violations of the Fight4Life rules may result in the loss of your staff position, and possibly even a ban.



• You must be at least 14 years of age

• You must have no history of excessively violating the Fight4Life rules.

• You must have at least the Noble rank on Fight4LifeMC. The Noble rank is acquired by achieving a total play time of 250 hours on the server. AFK time is not counted by the server.



• Proper grammar - If you are not fluent in English, you should still try your best to spell and use punctuation correctly.

• Be you - Don't pretend to be someone you're not. We want to see who you really are as interacting with players is a very crucial part of being a staff member on a Minecraft server.

• Make your application unique - Try to stand out from the others. Don't be an "I wAnT oP PlzZzZz" type of person.

• Writing more does not equal a better application - Writing more details can improve your application, but it all has to be significant. Trying to make unnecessarily long sentences that can be condensed to a few words will only make your application worse and more likely to be rejected.


Rejections and acceptance notices will be delivered via the in-game mail system. If you are rejected, do not write another application for at least 60 days.

Please answer the questions below with honesty. Remember that even very small details can influence our decision on whether or not we accept your application.
Your Minecraft Username *
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Your Age *
Number of years only, not date of birth. If you do not wish to write your exact age, then please write a number that is close.
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Your Location *
State/Province and Country only. Do not write your city or specific location. We do not judge you based on where you live or what ethnicity/race we assume you are.
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Please describe your past experience in a staff position for other servers (if any). Please state the position(s) you held and the amount of experience.
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How many years have you played Minecraft? *
How often do you play Minecraft? *
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How often can you be on Fight4Life? *
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Describe your experiences playing Minecraft *
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Why would you like to be a staff member on Fight4Life? *
Staff members are not just administrators. We want people who can help improve the server and make it a more fun place for our players. We would like to know what you could do.
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Write anything here you would like us to know. (Things about you, skills, etc) *
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