Green Drinks Sign-Up Form
1. Does an organization have to be a member to host a Green Drinks?
You must be a GO! member to host a Green Drinks event.

2. Do I need a liquor license to host?
As long as we are not charging for beer or wine, and people are self-serving, no. If you want to pour, yes.

3. How many people attend?
It varies, but attendance averages about 30 people. Hosts that do a stellar job helping us promote the event tend to get numbers of 50-60 people.

4. What are the responsibilities of the host?
- There is a $150 fee to host Green Drinks.
- Hosts are expected to partner with other GO! businesses to provide beer, wine and light appetizers. )We can provide Full Sail beer. Just let us know if you need it.)
- Hosts are asked to suggest ideas for speakers. The speaker should plan to give a brief 5-minute talk about a “green” business topic. Past speakers have included local farmers, authors, artists, etc.
- Hosts are asked to help promote Green Drinks through your communication channels. We will send you a copy of the press release, link to the facebook event, and a poster.

5. What are Gorge Owned's responsibilies?
- Our experienced staff and volunteers help you with event coordination and promotion.
- We distribute press releases, hang posters, create social media buzz, and promote Green Drinks in our newsletter and on our website.

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