EYP Austria Mini Sessions: Officials' Application Form
Thank you for your interest in EYP Austria's Mini Sessions! These one-day events are designed to introduce young people to EYP and European politics in general.

In this application, you can apply to participate in a Mini Session in the roles of Chairperson, Journalist, Vice-President, and President. If you want to participate as an organiser, please contact our National Coordinator (robin.hietz@eyp.at) or the specific Session's Head-Organiser (see all upcoming Mini Sessions below).


EYP Mini Session Graz - Seebacher
- June 15, 2018
- Head-Organisers: Annika Aichholzer (annika.aichholzer@eyp.at | +43 650 2895956), Lisa Fuchsberger (lisa.fuchsberger@eyp.at | +43 650 3039339), Magdalena Gautsch (magdalena.gautsch@eyp.at | +43 677 62462086)
- Deadline for Vice-President, Chairpersons, and Journalist: May 27
- Deadline for President: May 24

Please take into account that Mini Sessions usually include a training module the afternoon before the Session.

If you want to organise a session yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with Robin Hietz (National Coordination) via mail (robin.hietz@eyp.at) or phone (+43 680 31 64 272)!

If you have filled out this form already, but want to apply for different positions or for additional sessions, you won't have to fill out any personal details again.

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Please indicate which Mini Sessions you are interested in participating in. If you check the last box, you will be placed on a potentials' list for future Mini Sessions. This doesn't mean that you are obliged to participate in any Mini Session - rather, you will receive a notification at the beginning of every Mini Session's application period, and will be approached if any open spots are left after the application deadline.
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Please share your previous experience!
You can simply paste the link to your profile on the EYP Members Platform (if the session history on there is complete) or list your previous sessions here in the format Session name | year | position | name of superior Official (e.g. Chairpersons for Delegates, Editor for Media Team Members, ...). If you have any experience outside of EYP you find relevant, feel free to share that, too. If you don't have anything to state here at all, don't worry!
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