Boot n' Kit Adoption Application
Please fill out this form if interested or to be considered for adopting from our organization! All information submitted will be considered confidential. Submission of this application does not guarantee that you will receive a dog. Applications without addresses and phone numbers will be discarded.

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Name of dog you are interested in: *
If you do not have a specific dog in mind please list the breed & age of dog you would be interested in adopting
I can adopt the puppy on the day of adoption listed in their profile. *
Each puppy has an available date of adoption in their description. If you are not ready, or cannot adopt on that day please choose a puppy from a later group. Holding puppies past their date of adoption could make them miss out on a home and leaves us with no room to save another.
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Where will the puppy be kept when left alone? *
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How many hours per day will your new companion be left alone? *
Please list the people in the household including ages: *
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Who is your current, or most recent, veterinarian? (If you are a first time dog parent, please list which vet you are planning on using): *
Please name the pet(s) on your account, including deceased pets (for reference purposes): *
If not-applicable please write N/A
Please list the name, number and relationship of a personal reference:
This may be used in addition to the veterinary reference, or in place of if no veterinary reference
What have you fed/are feeding your dog(s)? *
Please note that we start all of our puppies on a high-quality diet to give them the best start to their life. Are you open to discussing high-quality food options going forward? *
Have you previously taken a dog to obedience training or do you have experience with obedience training? *
 Please specify.
If necessary, are you willing to bring your dog to formal obedience training? *
Reason for wanting to add a dog to your family: *
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If you have any requirements or requests for a specific dog- ie activity level, an appropriate dog for hiking, short hair, etc- please let us know so we can more carefully match a dog to your lifestyle and family:
Are you aware that most of these animals are from high-kill shelters with unknown backgrounds and that while we do our best to guess breed/age/temperament we can not be sure of these things? *
I understand I will need to travel to Canton, Connecticut to meet and adopt the dog I am applying for *
We hold our meetings at our partnering facility in Canton, CT. We do not have the ability to transport, meet or facilitate a meeting elsewhere.
I/we attest that the information provided on this Application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge.  I/we understand that completion and submission of this application does not guarantee adoption of a dog.   *
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