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PLEASE NOTE: While we are not starting more Happsters Squads in 2020, please be sure to apply so we can notify you when we open more Squads again. Thank you!


I'm passionate about bringing women together to form communities all over the world revolving around the 4 G’s of Happiness: Gathering, Growth, Giving and Gratitude.

A Happsters Squad membership includes a year of 10 memorable in-person squad events with a tight-knit community of women in their 20's and 30's who support each other. The Squad Membership for the year is $200. This fee covers the entire year of membership, including everything you’ll need for the 10 events, the online membership platform, and every part of the membership.

Here’s what you’ll get by being in a Squad:

1) Deep connections with like-minded, positive women who will root you on and be the powerful girl squad you’ve been looking for.
2) A community that has your back + supports you unconditionally.
3) Unique and meaningful experiences that you can’t get anywhere else.
4) Concrete ways that allow you to live your happiest life by focusing on the 4 G’s of happiness.

Learn more about Happsters Squads here: https://happsters.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-happsters-squad/.

Kelli Pease (Founder of Happsters)
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