Gathered and Grounded LGBTQ Focus Groups
As Gathered and Grounded is now midway through their second year serving and supporting youth and those who care for them within Decatur and the surrounding communities we now have time to devote building a safe and supportive space for the LGBTQ youth community and those who care for them.

We have several focus groups scheduled and would appreciate your willingness to attend one if you consider yourself part of the LGBTQ community (meaning you define yourself as LGBTQ or support family and friends who are LGBTQ).

We are hoping to have adults and youth within these focus groups.

The focus groups will last no longer than 90 minutes and refreshments will be provided.
Ages 10+

We do have limited spots so please respond early if you'd like to attend.

Should you have questions regarding this survey please email:
You can also visit Gathered and Grounded at

Thank you for your participation,
Marnie Grodzin, LMSW
Founder of Gathered and Grounded
533 W. Howard Avenue ~Decatur

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We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form along with your willingness to be part of a focus group. We look forward to meeting you. We'll be in touch soon with further details.
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