Flight Training Application
This application is for Flight Training. Flight Training is the official government military branch devoted to helping new players and introducing them to the United States Armed Forces(USAF). After the completion of Flight Training, you will have the opportunity to join a higher level military branch.

Entrance is limited to those with eUSA citizenship. If you do not have eUSA citizenship, you will not be accepted.

(We try and process all application within 48 hours. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please contact Torrinthegreat, rainy sunday or BeeBeeBee in-game or on IRC.)
eRepublik Citizen Name *
Enter it exactly as it is shown in eRep
eRepublik ID Number *
How did you find out about Flight Training? *
Please be as specific as possible. If it was a person, name the person. If it was an article, post the link to the article. It really helps us a bunch if you let us know!
Do you have any previous eRepublic military experience?
If Yes, please state which branch(es) and list your primary commanding officer if you remember.
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