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Before you fill in the form, please ensure you have emailed a passport style digital photo to principal@csc.qld.edu.au. The title of the email should be "Full Name - HSK Level - Photo"
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If you are enrolling more than one student, make sure each of them has their UNIQUE email address. Please make sure your payment is made. Details can be found from www.csc.qld.edu.au.
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Level 1 is the easiest and Level 6 is hardest.
What is your LUI number? (For Cairns School of Chinese students who are taking HSK Level 2 and above AND are Year 10 and above ONLY)
Year 8 & 9 students who have passed HSK Level 2 and above need to inform us LUI number once in Year 10. HSK Test Results are valid for 2 years only. It is students' responsibility to provide the test centre their LUI numbers in time.
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