Skyrim CRMOD Questionnaire

The questionnaire will take you around 5 min where you will answer 17 questions about your experience in the level you just played.

    Informed Consent form

    AALBORG UNIVERSITY COPENHAGEN Research Participant Information and Consent Form WHAT WILL MY PARTICIPATION INVOLVE? If you decide to participate in this research you will be asked to play the experiment level (4-10 min) and answer the questionnaire (3-5 min). HOW WILL MY CONFIDENTIALITY BE PROTECTED? While there might be publications as a result of this study, no personal information will be requested from you for further use in the project. WHOM SHOULD I CONTACT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS? You may ask any questions about the research at any time. If you have questions about the research after your participation you should contact me at Your participation is completely voluntary. If you begin participation and change your mind you may end your participation at any time. Your signature indicates that you have read this consent form, had an opportunity to ask any questions about your participation in this research and voluntarily consent to participate.
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