What Molly Made 2nd Annual Reader Survey
Welcome to the 2nd annual WMM reader survey! I can't wait to hear from you so I can better serve you with recipes that you want to see. Thanks for all your support!
What types of recipes are you interested in?
Do you have any dietary requirements? (check all that apply)
Would you like to see more than just recipes? (check all that apply)
What's your biggest obstacle in the kitchen? (check all that apply)
What's your favorite What Molly Made post/recipe?
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What's your favorite social media platform?
How do you typically read What Molly Made?
What Current Recipe Categories would you like to see more of? (check all that apply)
What's one recipe you're hoping I'll make?!
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How do you search for recipes? Do you search by meal type (i.e. dinner, lunch), diet (i.e. GF, paleo), ingredient (i.e. pumpkin, turkey) or something else?
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