FCAG Virtual Summer Art Camp Survey
This year we are planning our first virtual camp program!
We would love to know more from families on how we can create a rewarding experience for everyone involved.
Thank you in advance for giving your feedback!
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Please be sure to add ONLY ONE checkmark per row AND PER COLUMN (ex. only one aspect can be "Extremely / Most important") like the image below. This helps us to gather meaningful data. Thank you.
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3) Quite Important
4) Somewhat Important
5) Slightly important
6) Not very Important
7) Least / Not at All important
Location (distance / convenience)
Price Point
Who the instructor is (Megan)
Type of Art Projects Created
Space (historic building, outdoor space, etc.)
Socializing with other kids
Supplies Included
Please choose your ideal level of parental involvement during a virtual program *
Please describe the availability of electronics (computer / iPad) in your household for virtual learning (this helps us refine our daily schedule) *
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