Martingrove Baseball - 9U (Rookieball) Select Tryout
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Covid-19 Compliance
Coaches will be required to complete the following checklist before every tryout. Please confirm that you have read this document and agree to abide by the following conditions outlined in the checklist while at the tryout.
Martingrove - Parents and Players Practice Stage 3 Checklist for Tryouts
I understand that attendance will be taken at each tryout as is required for Provincial tracking purposes, and in order to maximize the players permitted at each tryout. I understand that attendance may be limited to any players trying out and 1-2 members of the players family. I also understand that attendance will be verified by Coaches and submitted to Martingrove Baseball for contact tracing purposes, and to the OBA if requested *
I understand that anyone attending tryouts (Parents or Players) should complete a Self-Assessment prior to attending, and to not attend if feeling ill, been exposed to anyone who may have experienced symptoms of Covid-19, or been exposed to anyone who may have traveled outside of Canada or the Province of Ontario, within 14 days of the tryout date. This includes exposure to anyone who is directed to self-quarantine by Public Health *
I understand that equipment must not be shared with other players, and agree to abide by the Physical Distancing requirements outlined above. I further agree to ensure that any personal belongings will be kept a distance of 6-Feet from other players and to bring items required to properly sanitize, protect, and hydrate during the tryout. This includes hand sanitizer, water bottle, personal hand towel, and fold-up chair for seating (Bleachers are not to be used). *
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