Purge the Plastic
Are you taking steps in the workplace to reduce single-use plastics? Let us know and be eligible to win prizes! Indicate which of these practices your organization is implementing by checking the "Yes" box, fill in the contact information, hit submit, and you're done!

For further background on these questions and links to organizations in Maryland working on these issues, visit www.maryland.gov/MarylandGreen/Pages/purgetheplastic.aspx

The Purge the Plastic Challenge is for Maryland Green Registry MEMBERS ONLY, but joining the Registry is free and easy to do. Visit www.green.maryland.gov and go to Join Here.
Plastic Footprint: Has your organization inventoried the amount of single-use plastic it purchases?
Goals: Has your organization set a goal (ideally measurable and with deadlines) based on your plastic footprint?
Reject: Has your organization eliminated the purchase of any problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic?
Reduce: Has your organization taken steps to reduce its use of single-use plastics?
Reuse: Has your organization replaced disposable plastics with durable reusable items?
Replace: Has your organization switched to certified compostable items or items made from recycled plastic?
Redesign: Has your organization redesigned products for durability, recyclability and reusability?
Educate and Celebrate: Have you trained and involved staff in your plastic reduction efforts and informed customers of your success?
Innovate and Share: Tell us more about these and other practices your organization has put in place to reduce unnecessary or problematic plastics.
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