MARAChain | Airdrop Campaign 2.0
Under the name "Secure Exchange of Digital Documents" is our Secure Platform for the management and transfer of private documents, over a distributed network of nodes installed in the main European Datacenters, and in compliance with the strictest security and data privacy regulations, such as the EU-GDPR, as well as with a certificate of Timestamping issued by government suppliers, which give Marachain legal validity in judicial matters.

This campaing involves 4 social media channels - Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Campaign period: 15.04.2019 to 16.06.2019 (8 weeks)

Campaign reward: 3,000,000 MARA

Tokens Distribution: 30.06.2019, the tokens will be transferred in order of application

Apply on

Campaign instructions
1. Join MARAChain Telegram group ( = 25 MARA;
2. Like and follow MARAChain Facebook page ( = 20 MARA
3. Follow MARAChain on Twitter ( = 20 MARA
4. Tweet 1 MARAChain Tweet with tag #MARAChain = 10 MARA (maximum 5 tweets per week & maximum 2 tweets per day, must be original content about MARAChain)
5. Like and follow MARAChain LinkedIn page ( = 20 MARA
6. Publish LinkedIn post with tag #MARAChain = 10 MARA (maximum 5 post per week & maximum 2 post per day, must be original content about MARAChain)
7. All posts and tweets must be publicly accessible.
8. You must indicate the URLs of the post and tweets published by rediting the form below, before 20.06.2019.
Campaign rules
• Participants will be rewarded in MARA tokens.
• Participants must use a Google account to register and to submit progress into this FORM.
• Participants can re-edit the FORM with the same Google account for adjusting and updating information.
• The publications must be in English or Spanish.
• The publications must be original content, and those that copy previously published content are not valid.
• Only an email address per participant will be allowed. In case of duplicate addresses, only the first one will be considered valid.
• Only an erc20 address per participant will be allowed. In case of duplicate addresses, only the first one will be considered valid.
• The participants must get a success in our KYC process, filling the form before distribution day.
Privacy and Data Protection
We are going to receive your Facebook Account, Twitter Account, LinkedIn Account, Telegram Account, Your E-mail Address and your ERC-20 wallet address from you, and store them in a local database.
We will use your data only to send you information about our project and business. You will confirm at the end of this statement (you can withdraw your consent at any time).

We are adopting all the needed technical measures to keep these data safe.

We will treat your data in the respect of international laws for Data Protection and Privacy (eg. GDPR) and therefore:
- We won’t use your data for a different purpose
- We won’t sell your data to third parties
- We will respect your data rights, so you can ask to update and delete your data anytime.
- In the case of a Data Breach, we will inform you as soon as possible.

For any question concerning your data rights, please contact by email sending us a email to

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