Library Training 2: Dewey Decimal System
Dewey Decimal System. This training should take you about 30 - 45 minutes. Please time yourself and let us know how long it takes you so we can be accurate for the people to follow. Thank you!
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What is the Dewey Decimal System? *
Answer the following regarding the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System true or false. *
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The DDC is used to classify chapter books and picture books
Once students find the topic area they are interested in, they will find other books on the subject based on the DDC and where books are shelved.
One problem of the DDC system is that it works only for those who read and speak English.
The DDC's simple, number-based format makes it easy to know exactly where a book should fit on the shelf
Folklore books can be found in the 100's.
A book's Dewey Number can be found on the spine label.
The DDC system is important because it enables students to learn how to access materials world wide and in any language, thus preparing students for college and beyond.
The DDC assists students in learning to ask for help in order to find information.
The DDC is s system that is continually being upgraded due to publishing and other trends.
Knowledge of the DDC is essential in supporting students to find information as well as to reshelve books.
The label on the spine of a book has a "Call #" and is how a book is shelved and found.
Please watch this video (5 minutes) on how to shelve books according to Dewey Decimal System.
Answer the following questions true or false.
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684.2 is shelved before 684.12
684.12 is shelved before 684.2
You shelve first by the first three numbers, then by the first number after the decimal point, then by the second number after the decimal point.
It's important to memorize the Dewey Decimal Classifications.
The more numbers after the decimal point, the more specific information about the subject matter.
If the call numbers are the same, you then shelve by the cutter number, or the author's last name.
200.1 is shelved before 200.13
All books in the library are shelved by the Dewey Decimal System.
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Please watch the following video (3 minutes) about DDC and research.
Answer the following questions true or false. *
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If I put in a search topic of WW2, I will only get one call number, which will help me find the books I am looking for.
In looking for a book about the History of World War 2, the best call number would be in the 800s
In looking for a book about the History of World War 2, the best call number would be in the 900s
In looking for a book about the History of World War 2, the best call number would be in the 300s
A book about sharks would have which of the following call number on the spine label? *
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Please read this article about Dewey. We do genrefy at at the middle/High school level and have information on how to do so. What surprises you or challenges you about this information?
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