2020: TeP Application Form
Thabyay eLearning Platform(TeP) is now offering two online programs, (1) English Preparation Outreach Program (EPOP) and eLearning Professional and Personal Development Program (EPPD), which provide English academic skills, TOEFL ITP test preparation, and work skills.

Please fill your information in all *required boxes and click the submit button. We will contact you for the entrance test. Note: you need to fill the application form in *English only.
1. Ensure clear and correct e-mail address.
2. Check e-mail regularly to know the status of your application.
3. Search "Thabyay Elearning Platform - EPOP" Facebook page and click "Like" to get all updated information
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These contact is supposed to contact (in case if TeP team can't reach to the applicant). You can give one or two contacts of family member/ your close friend / your teacher.
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Have you ever taken EPOP online placement test before? *
Only for old EPOP applicants
(if you are a new applicant, you can skip question- A, B, C, and D.
A. Which course did you study last time with TeP? Which year?
B. Did you complete that course?
C. Why did you take study break?
D. Do you want to take the placement test again?
Clear selection
All of the above information I have provided is true and correct. I understand that if I am accepted into TeP course(s), I strongly commit to complete all assignments and be vigilant in my studies to successfully complete the course by attending the whole semester. I further understand that if accepted into the program, I will provide any additional information and communicate regularly with the TeP Team to ensure success in my relevant examinations.
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